Be Sure the Roof Over Your Head is Solid, Safe & Stunning


Reliable Roofing Services

The best roof acts as a coat of armor that defends its home or business against onslaughts of wind, rain, hail and snow. A well-constructed roof in good condition will not leak, flap or fly away. Even small lapses invite a gradual invasion of unwanted elements that can suddenly burst into a torrent of disaster at the worst possible moment. Our experienced team of contractors is intimately familiar with how to smoothly integrate sturdy, durable roofs with their new surroundings and how to repair existing roofs that suffer from the ailments of aging.

Rugged Experience with Roofs
CJG Contractors has accumulated over 25 years of knowledge about all the techniques that ensure a successful roofing installation or repair project for virtually any architectural layout. Homes, apartment buildings, retail businesses, small- to medium-scale factory operations, animal-husbandry shelters, warehouses and many other residential and commercial buildings fall within the scope of our expertise.

Metallic Strength for the Ages
Steel, copper and aluminum alloys offer many advantages over other roofing materials. In addition to great resistance to lightning strikes and the ordinary travails of bacterial decay, metallic roofs figure prominently in the modern movement toward energy-efficient homes. A steady evolution in the quality of roofing materials has brought to consumers an array of highly engineered composite roofing materials that rest upon the strength of steel alloys. CJG Contractors also offers classic copper-roofing solutions, which remain popular for rain-gutter and downspout systems, aesthetically significant fixtures and entire roofing installations. While typically costing more than steel-based options, aluminum roofs in particular are remarkably lightweight and unusually resistant to corrosion.

Low-Cost Resistance to Decay
Asphalt shingles remain popular as a straightforward, cost-efficient alternative for many roofing applications. In the past, asphalt shingles were commonly based on durable organic materials that resist tearing. More recently fiberglass has begun to replace those materials due to its superior resistance against persistent leaks and unexpected combustion events. Most large roofing-materials manufacturers offer variations of their major lines of asphalt shingles for addressing a wide range of specific needs. We will work with the materials you want for the solution that you need.

Sluicing Away the Water
Rainwater has to go somewhere, and our professional installations of modern drainage systems will reliably guide that water away from disastrous or unwanted destinations. Existing drainage gutters and pipes typically go unremarked until they wander astray, and our professional team can easily address unraveling seams, spreading cracks, weakening fasteners and other problems that demand expert attention.

Statewide Coverage
CJG Contractors’ many staff members have come to know the greater Bangor area as their extended home. They are deeply familiar with the special needs of Maine residents and businesses in a region known for blustery tantrums of bitter weather. Beyond the Bangor area, we also serve Waterville, Farmington, Millinocket, Dover-Foxcroft, and the Mt. Desert area. Our professional roofing work will stoutly resist the elements and stimulate the comfort that comes with a well-protected home or business.

You can count on CJG Contractors and our reliable roofing service options to keep your home covered. We've worked on hundreds of roofs in the Bangor, Maine area.