A Seamless Solution to Guide Water Away from Your Home


Seamless Gutters

What is the difference between seamless and sectional gutters? Both seamless and sectional gutters transport rainwater that falls on the roof away from the building. However, sectional gutters are installed in several pieces that are snapped into place using connectors. These connections can become loose, begin to leak and even lead to rot behind the gutter.

Thankfully, if you live in Waterville, Farmington, Millinocket, Dover-Foxcroft, Mount Desert or the Greater Bangor area, CJG Contractors offers an alternative: seamless gutters. Seamless gutters are created using a specialized machine that is brought directly to the property to customize each piece of gutter exactly for the building. This specialization ensures that there are no seams between the pieces, and therefore no leaks that can cause unnecessary damage.

What are the advantages of using seamless gutters?

There are a number of reasons why a property owner would choose to use seamless gutters over the more traditional sectional option:

  • Greatly reduces the possibility of water leaks and damage
  • Eliminates visible seams that can be less than aesthetically pleasing
  • Are virtually maintenance free gutters
  • The enamel finish never requires painting
  • All pieces are fitted specifically for the building
  • Most installations can be completed in one day
  • There are many colors to choose from to match any existing property

What materials are used for seamless gutters?

CJG Contractors can construct seamless gutters from a number of different materials:

  • Aluminum – This is the most popular seamless gutter material because it is economical, easy to shape and durable in many climates.
  • Copper – The second most popular material, copper is the strongest and lasts the longest, but it is also the most expensive and it can become greenish-blue over time.
  • Vinyl – Less durable than the others, vinyl seamless gutters are generally prefabricated and require different tools to install.
  • Steel – As the least popular gutter material, steel can be available through special order and installation.

When do gutters need to be replaced?

Although seamless gutters are sturdy structures, they will require repair or replacement at some point. Here are a few examples that would suggests the need to completely replace the gutter system, although a thorough inspection and determination should be done by a professional:

  • The exterior of the building has mold or peeling paint caused by snow or ice build up in the gutters.
  • The gutters are pulling away or sagging from the home due to clogged downspouts, debris or incorrect pitch.
  • There are cracks in the foundation of the building and/or water sitting in the basement or crawlspace due to clogged gutters and water build-up.

How are seamless gutters installed?

These are the basic steps we use for the installation of a seamless gutter system:

  1. Each gutter is carefully measured and cut to specific measurements intended for each individual property.
  2. The gutters are screwed to the home at a proper pitch to allow fine debris and water to flow and drain correctly.
  3. A runoff is installed somewhere in the gutter system to supply proper water release.
  4. Hidden hangers are often used to interlock the gutters invisibly and to offer more durability during the snowy winter months.
  5. The overall aesthetic look of the project is assessed throughout and after completion to ensure the proper seamless look.

Where can seamless gutters be installed?

Our team of professionals can install seamless gutters in nearly any home or business in the Greater Bangor area. We will also travel to Waterville, Farmington, Millinocket, Dover-Foxcroft or Mount Desert. We hold active licensing in the state of Maine, and have more than 25 years of experience with a variety of contracting services. Contact us today and get an estimate on seamless gutters for your building!

Let us restore your seamless gutters to its original beauty or install new gutters. Our team will get the job done right, the first time to help manage rainwater on your property.